CRAMP (Crediton Rural Arts & Music Project) is currently inactive.
This website is now an archive of CRAMP's activities between 2004 and 2014.
Lots of love and many thanks to everyone that was involved in organising or supporting CRAMP over the years!


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Crediton Rural Arts & Music Project (CRAMP) is a not-for-profit organisation set up and run by volunteers, mostly musicians and artists living and working in Mid Devon.

In March 2004, we conducted a survey to determine whether there was a need for better access to facilities and services for musicians and artists from the Crediton area.

A questionnaire was distributed to village shops, community centres, schools and pubs in Crediton and twenty two surrounding villages. Detailed analysis of the questionnaire responses showed that there is a definite desire and a significant need for a community arts and music initiative such as CRAMP in Mid Devon.

Since its conception CRAMP volunteers have worked hard to address as many of the issues raised by the survey as possible, although the project will continue to evolve gradually, as funds permit.

In the absence of a suitable permanent live music venue, CRAMP has organised many one-off, monthly and annual music events in the local community (both outdoor and indoor), as well as visual arts exhibitions, and creative projects for young people. We have also purchased a community PA system which can be hired very cheaply by members for rehearsals and gigs.  One of our most successful ventures has been our open mic night, which takes place on the last Friday of each month at The Lamb Inn, Sandford, nr Crediton. The open mic has been running since May 2005, and has an excellent reputation throughout the region with musicians and audiences alike. Performances are captured on video and - with the artists' permission - uploaded to youtube to share with the world every month:




Jez Taylor - Chair
Marie Belsten - Secretary / Performing Arts Co-ordinator
Chris Martin - Treasurer 
Tom Matthews


Crediton Rural Arts & Music Project is a not-for-profit community organisation with charitable intentions. Our primary objective is to promote and raise awareness of creative works by local people.

This is achieved by increasing opportunities for local people to participate in arts projects and events, and by improving access to arts and music resources for those living in rural isolation. Our designated area includes Crediton and villages within a 10 mile radius.


In an effort to fulfill our aims as effectively as possible, CRAMP has worked in partnership on projects and events with the following organisations and venues:

Sound Gallery
Exeter Phoenix
Crediton Arts Centre
The Lamb Inn, Sandford
Sandford Area Community Association (SACA)
Queen Elizabeth's Community College


Sound Gallery
Devon Music Service
Plymouth Music Zone
Dartington Plus
Villages In Action
Live Music Now!
Live Music Forum
Music Leader
Musical Futures
Music Manifesto
Musicians' Union
MCPS / PRS Alliance
PRS Foundation
Harberton Folk
Future Sound of Exeter
Exeter Respect Festival
Vibraphonic Festival
Vibraphonic FM
Blues South West
Aeon Festival
Beuatiful Days Festival
Exeter Cavern
OTB Productions
Virtual Open Mic
The Unsigned Guide
The Musicians Guide To World Domination

Visual Arts
Stonefree Photography
Gallery 86
Devon Artist Network (DAN)
alias arts

Crediton Youth Theatre
Brown Paper Bag Theatre Company
Playback Youth Theatre
Theatre Upstairs
Northcott Theatre
Barnfield Theatre

Media Arts
Stonefree Photography
The Media Centre (Exeter Phoenix)

Cross Art-Forms
Crediton Arts Centre
Exeter Phoenix
SWPAN (South West Participatory Arts Network)
For Your Area

Youth Arts
ENYAN (England Youth Arts Network)
Youth Music

Arts Funding
Arts Council England (South West)
Youth Music
Awards For All
Trusthouse Charitable Foundation
Devon Community Foundation
Community Champions
Exeter Arts Council

Local CVS support
Exeter CVS